Landscaping finishes at brand-new Muslim cemetery

Blakedown Landscapes Operations has actually completed the difficult and soft landscaping works at the brand-new Five Oaks Muslim Cemetery.

As soon as an open grassland area, the 5.25 ha website has been utilized to develop a cemetery containing 5,000 plots. The nearby Gardens of Peace Cemetery is practically full, leading to the requirement for an extra burial space.

Chartered property surveyors Burr and Neve selected Blakedown to undertake the job that included the ground remodelling and soil screening, drainage, construction of roads and parking lot. Functions commenced with the clearance of plant life, fencing and rubbish. Ground modelling and excavation works developed a level site and with the addition of storm, foul and land drainage systems the location ended up being useful for burials.

Soft landscaping consisted of tree planting, wildflower meadow seeding, decorative shrub planting and native shelter belt facility. A 1.8 m perimeter fence was set up and lighting bollards provided along the road sides.

Comprehensive building works involved the production of access roadways with macadam emerging. Block paving was laid around the building's to develop brand-new courses and 2 shoe clean locations were also constructed.

Parking area were made using grasscrete with stone drainage blanket, plastic grids all leading stained and yard seeded.

The cemetery entryway was constructed using ornate metal railings with double electric gates, brick piers with capping stones along with a new concrete floored compound confined by wood fencing and gates.

Blakedown Landscape Operations will also begin work this month on the creation of a linear park for Bradford Metropolitan District Council as part of a city regeneration scheme.